Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So B. It by Sarah Weeks

In So B. It, all 11 year old Heidi knew nothing about her past, except she had a mother and possibly a grandmother. Her mother was mentally disabled and was unable to care for Heidi as an infant. So they found themselves on Bernadette's doorstep when Heidi was a week old. They started off as neighbors, then a door found in Bernadette's house combined the two apartments. Heidi had too many questions and too few answers. Finding an old roll of film, developed into pictures added a few more answers yet many more questions. The questions and one of her mother's unknown words, soof, send her to Hilltop Home in New York. At different times Heidi's mother would say "Soof,".Some questions become unexpected answers to Heidi, who only knew her last name as It.

I loved So B. It. Any realistic fiction person would love it. I loved how Heidi had questions and searched for answers, yet her answers were and weren't what she expected. I really liked how it ended. I liked how Heidi got her answers yet I didn't like how she had to deal with other truths.

Christina K. Grade 7