Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jack's Run by Roland Smith

12 year old Jack has gotten used to running from his father's former employer, a powerful drug lord, Alonzo Aznar, who has eyes and ears everywhere. Previously, in Elko, Colorado, Jack's family was blown and Aznar attacked, forcing Jack's Family to flee.
Afterwards, while living in California, Jack's sister blows their cover and they are kidnapped. Secretly flown to a plantation somewhere in South America. Jack and his sister must flee from the drug lord while trying to shut down his operation for good.

This battle of book was amazing!!! It was very fast paced and full of action. The characters are all fleshed out despite the fact that the book is the sequel to Zach's Lie. Although, if you don't read many fast paced books this one may be hard to follow, some plot points happen very fast. Also, it is a sequel so there are still some important points that can only be gleamed from reading the previous books. All and all, it was a very good book for anyone who reads fast paced action stories.

Mike S- 8th grader