Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jack's Run by Roland Smith

When Jack A.K.A.Zack's dad was caught shipping drugs for a cartel(the Spanish
equivalent to the Mafia),their dad had to enter the witness protection program.
Jack and his sister are kidnapped by the cartel's henchmen. The head of the cartel:
Alonzo Anzar is head of the cartel. Jack and his sister are shoved on a plane
heading for Anzar's vineyards. They are held hostage by Alonzo's brother, Raphile.
Jack's dad an ex-Navy SEAL and his friend, an ex-Navy SEAL and a former Cold War
Soviet spy, prepare to rescue the children.

My impression of the book is that it is capable of standing on its own or as an
installment of the series it is a part of. I enjoyed the book and would definitely
recommend it to other 8th graders.

Sean M. - Grade 8