Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Big Field by Mike Lupica

In this book we follow Keith “Hutch” Hutchinson and his baseball team as they compete in an American Legion summer tournament, where they have to win just to keep playing. But through it all Hutch has to try and keep relations between him and Darryl Williams, the team’s star player, from ruining their chances of winning. Hutch is normally a shortstop, but on this team he has to play second base, because Darryl’s their shortstop. And he doesn’t mind, except the whole time Darryl is constantly baiting him about being team captain. Plus, his dad, who almost made it to the majors, has seemed to shun baseball from his life, which upset Hutch, but not as much as seeing him practicing with Darryl at practice one night. Will Hutch be able to work all these issues out and still manage to focus on playing and winning games?
For anyone who likes a good sports book, especially baseball, I would highly recommend this book. I don’t know if you read Mike Lupica’s other baseball book, Heat, but I did, and I didn’t really like the ending that much. This book is different, though. It’s much better than the other, a great choice for anyone looking for a sports book.

Eric- 7th grader