Monday, February 4, 2008

Flip by David Lubar

The book Flip, by David Lubar, evokes a mix of emotions all in a single masterpiece. Flip is a fantastic science fiction story composed of unbelievable characters and a descriptive story line. Flip is about a girl named Taylor and her brother Ryan. Taylor is the best at everything and Ryan is the complete opposite. This constantly causes a massive amount of tension in the family.

One day Taylor hears Ryan talking about a spaceship he saw crash the previous night in the forest. Out of curiosity, they venture into the woods and stumble upon these unusual and extraordinary disks left by the spaceship. They gather them up and stuff them into their pockets to examine further.

After some time, the kids discover that if you flip the disks, you temporarily inherit the traits of some legendary figure such as Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Queen Victoria, and Edgar Allan Poe.

This book is a non-stop adventure of new discoveries and experiences. It is a fusion of fantasy and reality. Besides all of the entertainment, there are valuable life-lessons to learn.
-Parviz S. 8th grade